terms & conditions

Service calls/appointments shall be made no less than six (6) hours preceding the intended pick up time. DC Limo/ Attaché Executive LLC shall not guarantee prompt pick up for the calls made less than six hours, intended pick up time Such call will be honored based upon availability of vehicles upon assessing the distance between availability vehicles and pick up point.

Deposits made to DC Limo and Car Service/ Attache Executive LLC are non-refundable. Cancellations for Sedan SUV transfers within 24 hours, Limousines, Luxury Vans, suvs and sedans hourly/daily or a distance more than 30 miles, Minibuses 7 days of charter will be billed at 100%. The client is responsible to notify us of all airline changes, delays, cancellations & missed flights. Delayed flights are billed after flight arrival. Please observe our non-smoking policy.

General Billing: All services are billed to your credit card or to a company account (provided If you have previously applied and been approved for billing terms with us). Washington DC Limo Service/ Attaché Executive LLC accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express credit cards. Service Fee A 20% service fee is added to all services. You are not obligated to tip our drivers. The 20% service fee, additional Charges will be added to your invoice, including parking, Tolls, airport or other special fees. Charges incurred on your behalf or as a direct result of your limousine service will also be added to your invoice, including applicable toll charges, clean up fee of $250.00 for any excessive mess caused by your party, fuel surcharges if mentioned, and parking fees[we require a 50% non refundable deposits on all vehicles 8 passengers or more and all hourly or daily charter].

Please note that DC Limo provides Sedans SUVS and Vans through Attache Executive LLC DBA DC Limo and Car Service WMATC#2233 US DOT# 2541398 MC#884263 DCTC# 25460518 VA DMV: 1350 and Attache Executive Sedan VA Motor Carrier #285 Limos and buses through Skyhawk, we also have affiliates nationwide and worldwide to provide services for our clients nationwide and worldwide, 

Limousine trips of unusual duration may require additional fees, such as meals and accommodations for the drivers of Washington DC Limo Service. Our rates are subject to change without notice. The rate in effect at the time your service was scheduled shall apply. As is customary in the Transportation service industry, fees are calculated on an hourly rate basis and or mileage. Time is calculated from the time when the vehicle leaves the pick up location until the time it returns, and there is a three (3) hour minimum charge For Sedans, SUVs and Luxury Vans . Note that waiting time Is charged in thirty (30) minute increments, fractions are rounded to the next thirty (30) minutes.


We monitor scheduled air carrier flights for passengers arriving via scheduled flights on any major commercial airline. Your driver will be dispatched based on current arrival information available to us. We DO NOT monitor trains, ships, or other modes of transport; therefore, it is your responsibility to notify us if you will be arriving after the scheduled time provided during your reservation.

Cancellation Policy

 Cancellation Terms/ Fees  apply accordingly as follows and will result in full charge if made outside the cancellation window as noted below.
 For SUV and Sedan service we require up to  24 hour cancellation notice for Point to point/ hourly service within the 30 miles.  

We require a 7 day cancellation notice from the  scheduled pick-up date for all  sedans, SUV’s ,buses, Vans & Limousines , booked for hourly /daily service 8+ hours , long distance  transfers  that exceeds 30 Miles to include  delegations ,multiple Vehicle or out of town events / trips prior to the scheduled pick-up date and time.  All cancellations made outside the timeframe noted  will result in a cancellation fee of the full base fare plus the 20% service fee of the trip [50% deposits are non refundable]. All cancellations made outside of the timeframe window noted above will result in a cancellation fee of the full base fare of the trip. Cancellations made at pick-up time, as well as “no shows” ( should you not be available or no longer need / want the service/trip when the driver calls or texts you) will result in a cancellation fee of the full base fare of the trip, plus the 20% service fee, plus any applicable wait time fees and expenses (including fuel, tolls, etc.) as described elsewhere in our terms and conditions. Cancellation of greeters with less than  (72) hours notice will be charged at the full rate. If you are running late  or you cannot locate your driver, please call 866-379-1977 or 202-944-0077 to avoid a “no show” fee..

Holiday Service
Services are available on major U.S. holidays, but a surcharge of 25% (calculated against the base fare and any stop and wait times) will be charged on all limousine services originating and/or ending during the calendar day of: New Year’s Day Easter Memorial Day Independence Day (4th of July) Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day Weather Conditions: A snow emergency fee of 25% will be added to the base fare for bad weather conditions

Hourly Services
Services rendered on an hourly basis (such as for special events, parties, etc.) will be billed at then-current hourly rates. Customers will be billed from the time requested, until the time of the drop off, with a minimum charge of three (3) hours for Sedans and 4 hrs for all other vehicles Hourly services are tabulated and billed in one hour increments. Services provided city to city are billed on the basis of a round trip, at our hourly rate plus mileage fees, even if the customer and/or passengers require only one-way service. Wait times required during city to city services are billed at the same hourly rate as actual travel time.

Important Disclaimers We will not be liable for circumstances beyond our control, including, but not limited to mechanical breakdowns, conditions or closure of roads, impact of weather, communication delays, and a like. We cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of personal items, including items such as baggage, purses, cameras, wallets, items packed within baggage or cases, or other items brought with you or left in the vehicle. Items that are breakable or of special value should be handled by you, and kept with you during transportation